About me

I’m Delia. I was Delia Lee until I married the most wonderful man, and became Delia Walcott. We met in 2002, got together and became engaged in 2004, married in 2005. He’s the most amazing guy, my best friend, all I ever look for in a guy, and inspires me with his life. He is the Missions Pastor in our church and that’s what he does – Missions. Although that means he travels quite a bit, I know that he’s making an impact teaching pastors and congregations around the world, and helping channel funds to the poor out there. He’s an excellent bible teacher and I’m learning new things from him all the time. It’s also convenient to have a walking concordance in the house 🙂 His name is Cameron Walcott.

I’m Chinese (from Singapore), my husband is Caucasian (from America) and we have two amazing little boys, Caleb and Evan. Caleb is 5 and Evan is 3. They never fail to amaze us with the things they say and do. We pray that they’ll know the Lord from a young age and love Him all the days of their lives. Already we see the relationships that they have with the Lord evident in their lives, especially Caleb, as he is older. I’ll post about some of his experiences with the Lord on the main page. They’re loving and full of joy. They love life, and love people. We love to share the joy that these two bring to our lives with family and friends. They have great-aunts, aunts, first cousins once removed, grandparents, and even ‘jie jies’ and ‘kor kors’ in church bringing them out, getting them ice-cream and treats and just lavishing love on them. They’re two very blessed little boys. But in return, they also shower those who love them with hugs and kisses.

These two will be the main subjects of my writing as I journal our lives. Everyday holds moments to be cherished for life. I hope to capture these moments in words and also in photos. I love life! One day I told a dear sister, “I love my life right now!” And her reply, “Not many people say that these days.” That’s how life should be though. Jesus said in John 10:10 that He has come to give us abundant life! He didn’t say it would be a bed of roses. But even the tough times are to bring about something good. Gold in its raw form has to go through fire to bring about pure gold. And that is why we, like the apostle Paul, should be able to Rejoice in all situations! Live life to the fullest!

Besides writing about my boys and my family, I will also write about God. I am privileged to serve Him, our Creator, the Alpha and Omega. In Him are all things. And in Him I live and move and have my being. Without Him I am nothing. He has given me a wonderful family and I am privileged to serve my family. He has given me a wonderful church and I am privileged to serve in my church. He has given me opportunities for ministry, to counsel and minister to youth and young ladies in the church, and to go on mission trips to different places and to hold and love orphans. And I am indeed privileged to serve them.

A little background about myself:
I’m a teacher. I trained as a teacher after getting my degree and taught in a Secondary School for 6 and a half years after that. Then I took a year and a half off to spend more time raising the boys as a stay-home mom. I did some tutoring and freelance writing in that time. It also gave me more time to meet up with people and help in ministry in church.

I went back to teaching in June 2012 in a different school. I love interacting with the so called at-risk youth and find it challenging yet fulfilling to reach out to them jn love, helping them with school work, listening to their problems (oh the woes of adolescence right?) and guiding them in making right choices in life.

In church, I help my husband with the African Congregation that he started pastoring in October of 2011, having taken over from the previous pastor who has returned to Uganda. We are leading 2 cell groups that meet in the week and I also have the privilege to oversee the Children’s Ministry of the African congregation (check out http://www.facebook.com/cornerstoneafrica). I am also in the Children’s Ministry of the main church and teach the 7-12 year olds with a great team of teachers and youth assistants. Before working with children in church, I was in the Youth Ministry for 10 years.

I love working with youth and children. I love people. So I will also be writing about different people I meet who inspire me and make a difference in my day.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories and expositions (at times) and may you discover the privilege of serving Jesus, the One I love, too. God bless you.

My Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/delia.walcott


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, Sissy! Welcome to blogland! I think one of your posts should be about your missions trip in December – I never have heard the story about the baby. Seeing the pictures above reminded me. 🙂

    Love you!

    1. Actually I have planned that as one of my writings. You read my mind! Have so much to write about but have to space them out so I’m not writing when I should be doing something with the boys. 🙂

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