Egg and Bacon Toast Cups



I call this the 3-in-1 breakfast. Caleb calls it the Easy Yummy Breakfast. 🙂

I found this off somebody’s blog but forgot which one it was or I would credit it to her.

 Anyway I made this last Sunday for breakfast before church to cheer us up when Daddy’s away. I really liked it but I’m not sure the boys enjoyed it as much because 1) Caleb doesn’t really like the egg made like that, 2) Evan doesn’t really like eggs, period. I would not make this on a regular basis because it ‘wastes’ the rest of the bread that is not used, although I made all of us eat that part of the bread and the boys didn’t mind doing that at all.

Here’s my 3-in-1 breakfast that consists the 3 parts of a yummy Western breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Toast. All in a cup.


– Bacon

– Eggs

– Bread


1) Cook the bacon a little over the stove. Don’t fully cook it.

2) Use the bottom of a cup to cut circles out from slices of bread. Place the circles in a muffin pan.

3) ‘Wrap’ bacon around the sides of each piece of bread in the muffin pan. You may find it helpful to tuck the ends or edges of the bacon under the bread if it’s not staying down.

4) Crack an egg in each hole. You may want to leave some egg white out as it may overflow as it cooks.

5) Bake the cups for 10-15 minutes or until egg cooks.

6) Remove the cups from the pan and enjoy!!!


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