Frankenmuth is a quaint little German town in Michigan. We spent one night there on a short getaway/vacation. I absolutely loved it and our time there. Of course, being with the best guy in the world is the icing on the cake. 🙂 Here’s a pictorial journal of our time in Frankenmuth.

We got a room with a jacuzzin in it!
The town of Frankenmuth
There were so many wall murals
I love the murals!
A little 'village' in the town. All shops for visitors.
So quaint.
Exactly what it said it was.
Um... not as good as it sounds. Some things just taste better on their own.
A miniature of the Cass River that ran parallel to this place.
We went on a boat ride aboard the Bavarian Belle Riverboat
Us goofing around in the museum. (Of course we had to visit the historical museum.)
Dinner was at Bavarian Inn, famous for its chicken dinners.
All the waiters and waitresses were dressed up as Germans. Reminds me of Heidi.
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland is a gigantic Christmas store. One and a half football fields.
All year long, it's Christmas at Bronner's! Love it!
The last thing we did at Frankenmuth was to visit Grandpa Tiny's Farm. Check out the giant pumpkins!
Cameron with Shorty, the Texas Longhorn
Baby bunny
That marked the end of our trip to Frankenmuth; a short but good getaway. 🙂

The Unpredictable Weather

We’ve had two beautiful days and I love them. The weather here has been unpredictable and swings like a pendulum. When we got here, it was Singapore weather (well, minus the humidity). Then it was rainy and like 18 degrees last weekend. Yesterday and today, it was 21, 25 degrees. Sunshine and beautiful, so we’ve had two great days to do some fun stuff.

Yesterday, we went to a baseball game. We thank God for the good weather, no rain! For a while the sun was really shining hard on us, but once the sun was done blazing on us, it was great weather and a great game! Tigers won in the bottom of the last inning, with two outs, no less! Go Tigers! It was also Star Wars night at the game so there were Star Wars characters all around the park. But… I forgot my camera! So we didn’t get any pictures with Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C3PO etc!!! Mad at myself! It was still fun to see Darth Vader try to use the force to strangle people when the characters were marching around the ballpark.

Today the boys went out with Aunt Deanna and Uncle John to the park and for ice-cream. It was a beautiful day for them to go out and play. I was glad they got to. As I said bye to them, it looked so beautiful outside that I decided to go for a run. It was 25 degrees. Much better to run in than 32 degrees. 🙂

Going for a run round the neighbourhood

When I came back from my run, the boys had just gotten home too. We spent some time outside, to take advantage of the great weather. Last week they couldn’t go out to play because of the rainy days. The boys helped Grandma rake leaves, then we played ball in the backyard.

As unpredictable as the weather is, it has been forecast that it will be 6 degrees this Friday! 6 degrees!! That’s almost freezing! I just pray that we will have the same great weather for two days, tomorrow and day after, as we will be going to Frankenmuth, a little German town further north in Michigan, for a little getaway, thanks to Cameron’s parents who offered to babysit while giving us a good holiday. Looking forward to that!!! I will bring my camera this time… And charge it tonight…

A Beautiful Wedding

We are right now in Michigan. We came back for my sister-in-law’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, and she was a beautiful bride.

As we were riding in the limousine on our way to take pictures at the park, I was just looking at Deanna and thinking. She looked like a princess. Today was her day. She deserved it, and she deserved being princess for the day.


Deanna is such a giving person. She leads a busy life; a lot of the busyness comes from helping different people. I’ve heard of her being bridesmaid for her friends, throwing showers and parties for her friends, even going to be with people who are about to have babies (as part of a volunteer scheme)! She and Mom planned and held our reception here in MI 6 years ago. Both of them are such giving and generous people. I am blessed to be part of the family!


Looking at Princess Deanna in the limo, there was a sense of happiness and gladness. Glad that love came to John and her. Glad to see them about to start on the next part of life’s journey together. Glad that today was her day, a special day for a special person.


Deanna and John with all the cousins

Clean ups

One of the many jobs of a mom includes cleaning up messes – spilt water, milk, juices, any kind of spills, accidents of the toilet kind etc etc.

Just a few days ago, I had to clean up urine, milk and water all in one day. The same perpetrator, at different times of the day, in different amounts.

Yesterday’s clean up far exceeds those in the last, possibly, year, in terms of grossness and difficulty.

We all took naps after getting home from church.When Evan woke up, he came out of his room without his pants! Daddy went to check out what’s happening and found a wet spot on his bed. He then told Daddy he needed to sit on the toilet, which means he needed to go ‘big time’. Daddy had reported to me what had happened by then. I saw the wet spot on his bed and was glad I’d put a blanket under him, thinking he may have an accident since he had fallen asleep in the car on the way home from church. So I just dumped the blanket in the washing machine.

Then came the mystery of the missing pants. He had taken his pants off himself in his room but we hadn’t seen the missing pants anywhere. So we went on a search for his pants. I finally found them stashed into his drawer of clean clothes, and then pushed close, leaving just a little gap which led me to looking into it. If you think that was the end of the story, you’d be wrong, though I wished it was. We saw, to our horror, that his pants were not alone. Brown, gooey stuff was sitting in his pants, incriminating evidence of what he had done. Yes he had gone in his pants, then stuffed his pants into his drawer of clean clothes. Whatever got into his head to make him think that was the best thing to do with his dirty pants?!

And that was still not the end! I backed up and realised I had something gooey on the sole of my left foot. And I had left patches of brown not just on the floor, but on the rug in their room! Where did I pick that up from? We found the culprit, just a little lump of brown in the middle of the rug. Our investigative skills led to the conclusion that he must taken off his pants in his room, being uncomfortable after having gone in them, and the little lump must have fallen out of his pants while he stuffed the rest together with his pants into his drawer.

So the clean up began. Washing the blanket, his sheets, some of the clothes from the drawer. I threw away those pants. Good thing they were old, having belonged to Caleb. And sprayed lots and lots of stain remover on the rug and mattress of his bed. I made him sit next to me and ‘help’ to clean up to realise the extent of the horror he had caused Mommy to experience. It all did come quite clean in the end, thanks to the fabric stain remover from my good friend, Jo, who’s a mother of 3. It takes a Mom to know a Mom and what she needs to handle the perils and toils of keeping a hom

Of Cows and Vocabulary

I learnt three new words today. I’m learning new words all the time. I wish I knew and used more words. But it’s never too late to keep learning. Ps Yang’s write up in the bulletin this week talked about the most productive people also being those who have an insatiable quest for knowledge and more knowledge.


1) Apocryphal = of doubtful authorship or authenticity; a word my husband uses often to describe facts and stories his cousin spouts. 🙂

2) Assuage = to make milder or less severe, to satisfy or relieve; a word I learnt from reading a GP comprehension passage today

3) Clandestine = done in secrecy; a term the preacher today used to describe his ministry because God wanted him to remain obscure and unknown, that all glory may be unto God.

I like having on my phone.


At Sunday School today the boys learnt about the sacrificial lamb. Caleb played the lamb whilst Evan insisted on being a cow, according to the teacher. So whenever we talked about what they learnt in Sunday School, Evan would tell us about how much fun he had being a cow (Where did the cow come in in the story anyway??) and he would go Moo Moo…

At bedtime, we discussed this again and asked the boys to pray that God will help us to be obedient like the lamb. Evan insisted, “Me not lamb, me cow…” Daddy decided not to pursue this and we just asked him to pray that God will help him to be obedient. So Caleb prayed, “Lord, make me obedient like the lamb.” Evan, “God, make me cow…” (Mommy and Daddy trying to stifle their laughter)

The random things in life

This ensued from a conversation with my husband. I was telling him funny stories about the boys yesterday and mentioned something we both thought was ‘blog-worthy’. So I said I should blog more, not just wait for big content to write about, but about the random things in life. Because “it’s the little things in life that matter”. And hey, that’s blog-worthy too! It’s the little random things in life that when we look back at them, will bring tears and smiles and tugs at the heart.

So yesterday Caleb had a major concern. On the way home from school, he told me we have to choose 1 out of 4 men to be the new president. He asked me whom I think we should choose. I told him I really have no idea. His teacher updates them on current issues, which is really quite rare for kindergartens. But it’s good that he’s aware, even though he may not fully understand. So I asked him why we need to choose a new president. His reply, “Because the old one doesn’t want to work anymore…”

Today we went on a hike on the Treetop Trail at MacRitchie – Cameron, Daniel and I. It was an awesome view from the actual bridge called the Treetop Walk. We took about 2 hours to complete maybe 9km or so. We saw monkeys, a huge monitor lizard, and my favourite is a stream that actually has running water. Just love the idea that the water is running because it shows abundance of  It was a great morning. But now my muscles are paying the price. Have applied muscle rub twice already. Argh…








The trip report I wrote for our Missions Blog.

View from our hotel - Streets of Yangon

This was the first time to Myanmar for most of us on the team. In fact, only Pastor Cameron had been to the beautiful country before. It was a great cross-cultural experience for us and we really enjoyed the sights, sounds and tastes there, besides the opportunities to minister to the people.


Weekend in Myanmar

We arrived in Myanmar on Saturday. After lunch and an afternoon of wrapping gifts for the children in the orphanages (yes, we hand-wrapped all 70 of the gifts), we went for the Youth Combined Cells meeting. It was beautiful to hear the Burmese translation of Burn, a song written by a dear brother in Cornerstone. 4 members of our team took turns to share testimonies and exhortations. We ended the meeting with games organised by Jeremy and Addison which got the youth roaring in laughter.

On Sunday, the team split up to minister in the main church and one of the daughter churches. While Ps Cameron and myself preached in the services, the rest of the team carried out the children’s program for more than a hundred children over the two locations!

Therafter, we went to the main church for the youth service in the afternoon. The youth ministry has grown since the last time Pastor Cameron was there last year. The youth leaders are vibrant, enthusiastic and on fire for God, and we had an opportunity to pray for some of them to commit their lives to serving God. Some of them spoke with us after the service and told us their desire to serve God in full-time ministry. It was a privilege to hear about what God is doing in the lives of these young people.


“Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you”

Over the next two days, it was mostly teaching sessions in the mornings and afternoons. We taught English at a pre-school held on the premises of the main church on Monday morning. Led by Ezel, our kindergarten teacher, the team taught, sang and played games with the children aged 2 to 4.

In the afternoons, the pastors and leaders from the main church and the network of churches led by Pastor San Min gathered at the main church for a Pastors’ Training. Pastor Cameron taught from Hebrews 11, expounding the lives of the people who lived and honoured God by faith. The rest of us on the team also benefited from the precious lessons we heard. I wished at the end that we were going to have another day of teaching! At the end of the second day, we prayed for all the pastors and leaders for God to impart faith in them. God spoke to many of them and also to us about some of their ministries. Despite living in the midst of a predominantly Buddhist culture and difficult circumstances, these pastors were willing to serve God, making personal sacrifices and taking risks in order to spread the gospel. In the teaching sessions, Pastor Cameron talked about the ‘Hiding of Faith’, as Rahab hid the spies and God honoured her for that. Many times the local pastors have to ‘hide’ by faith – hiding their churches and their ministries – in order to carry on the work of the ministry and the expansion of the kingdom in the country. We believe that God will honour their acts of faith and bless the work of their hands.



“To visit orphans and widows in their trouble”

Departing from the church in the late afternoon, we went on to visit the two orphanages where Cornerstone is sponsoring some of the children. Our plan was to have dinner with the orphans and just spend time with them, loving on them. We sang songs with them, played games with them and Wai Jia illustrated the story of the Good Samaritan with a skit involving the children. We were really blessed at one of the orphanages when the Pastor/Director of the orphanage, who’s also the mother to the children, asked the children to pray a blessing over the team.

I felt myself immediately pulled down by numerous pairs of little hands so that they can reach me and lay hands on me as they prayed for me. Looking around, I saw that that was the similar fate of my team members. The children raised their voices in earnest prayer. Although we couldn’t understand their prayers as they were praying in their native tongue, we definitely felt the anointing and presence of God and received the blessings by faith. We left them with little gifts but we left with so much more.