I am going to Cambodia!!!

I am going to Cambodia! It’s like a dream come true.

I’ve been wanting to visit Cambodia since I don’t know when. But this year in February, on the plane back from Surabaya with my sister after we visited the ministries in Surabaya, we were talking about our dreams for God. I asked her, “So, where do you think we should go next?” We don’t even know if we can take another trip together. That was actually our first mission trip together although we have gone on different trips with different teams. We both thought for a while, and then I remember we looked at each other and said, “Cambodia.” Ok, maybe it wasn’t so dramatic. But it was something to that effect.

Time passed and I still had in my mind that I wanted to go to Cambodia. However, with me going back to work in June this year, I didn’t think I could take another trip. The trip in February was planned so so that I could go on a trip before going back to work.

And then Cambodia started to come up. Over and over.

Our church didn’t have any partners or churches in Cambodia, so it wasn’t easy to just plan a trip there. What were we going to do? However, over the last few months, different ministries have been visiting our church and extending invitations for us to visit and partner with them. Then one day in September, my sister sent me a text message while she was in church, I was at home and Cameron was in Africa. She said, “I want to give 3 months of my life to serve in Cambodia.” That was after Ps Yang was talking about Cambodia in the church service she was attending.

She has a good job with the government, but she wanted to take 3 months off to give the best time of her life to the Lord. She just turned 25 (last Saturday), so she’s already a quarter of a century old! (yea like that’s very old) But I was excited for her and encouraged her to do it! I told Cameron about it and he said if she was serious, he could look into getting her connected with a ministry she could serve.

In October, two of our dear friends in church got married. They decided to give all the ang bao (wedding gifts) money they received at their wedding to a ministry in Cambodia. (you can read about their story here: http://kitesong.sg/iloveyou/)

And just before the wedding, we met up with a missionary friend who has a great ministry in Cambodia training pastors and saving children from the sex trade. Cambodia kept coming up. We were serious about visiting by the time we had dinner with Sis. Liney. So we started planning for the trip.

We were going thinking about taking a family vacation. But I told my husband, honestly, I’d rather go on a family mission trip. So we were thinking of taking the kids to Surabaya, since my husband has not visited the ministry before (it’s http://www.pondokhayat.org/ by the way, a ministry that provides shelter to unwed moms and runs an orphanage and children’s home for the children these young women can’t provide for. These babies would have otherwise been aborted. But now, many of them get adopted.)

Since then, our plans have changed. Now, we would be going to Cambodia with my sister and spend 5 days there while she’ll stay on for another 9 weeks. And since we’re relatively unfamiliar with Cambodia (both Cameron and my sis have been there once before), we couldn’t take the boys. We have prepared them for this trip though and they know why we are going there and why we can’t take them. They are very precious and sensible little boys. And we are thankful for my mom who will be taking care of them. And to all the other people whom I know will be taking them out and watching out for them. 🙂

So please pray for us as we go to Cambodia next week. 🙂



4 thoughts on “I am going to Cambodia!!!

  1. Oh Delia, that’s so awesome. I’m excited for you and look forward to hearing more, as this nation has been on my own heart from my youth. God bless you both as you travel…God bless your Sister’s time there…and God bless and keep the boys while you are away! Take care!

    1. I’m so excited too! You must be in Miami now? We just had dinner with Sis. Suzette! Have a great time there! We’ll be praying for you all too. Thx for keeping us in prayer. 🙂 And keep Cambodia in your heart!

  2. YAY!! very happy for the Lees 😀 I also hope to one day go with you guys, like in the future.. before i die. hahahahahahhaha. I hope that you will have a great and refreshing time on your trip to Cambodia. Look forward to hearing from you when you’re back ❤

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