Camping In

Last week, Caleb had a camp-in with Daddy. Evan and I were part of the ‘festivities’, but only Caleb slept in the ‘tent’ with Daddy – in the study.

We started the evening with pizza for dinner, then went on a ‘bear hunt’, which became an African Animals hunt, then an Angry Bird hunt. It was great fun as we went around the house. The boys were excited even though we were in the comfort of our own home.

Then I went to set up the ‘campsite’. I lay the mattress of the sofa bed on the floor and put a sheet over it, hanging over 4 chairs, so that it can be a ‘tent’. Earlier on in the day, Caleb and I had come up with the idea for the ‘campfire’. We used a yellow envelope and put holes in it, then put it over an inverted flashlight. It turned out to be a great fire! Caleb’s Toy Story tent that he got for his birthday was also put up, just so that there is a real tent.

The 'campsite'










We then took the fire out (conveniently) into the living room and had a little campfire! We sang songs, told stories and ate candy. It was fun. We would come up with 3 things that has to go in the story and take turns to make up stories.

The 'campfire'









Trying to capture it in real lighting. We turned off the lights and only had the light from the flashlight and a dim yellow light. It was fun!











After that I brought Evan into our room and we watched some Madagascar videos on youtube before he went to bed. Caleb was initiated into the Star Wars series last night! We watched part of Episode 1 and the little guy got sleepy. Daddy had asked him if he wanted to go bed earlier but he insisted on staying up till our bedtime. “Isn’t your bedtime 12 o’clock?” We told him No, it was earlier. I’m sure he was glad it was. 🙂

The next few days, Evan would ask everyday if we could have a campfire again. It must have really made an impression on him. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Camping In

  1. How fun! Awhile ago, I set up one of our camping tents in the kids room. It literally took up half of their room. They slept in it a few times and it was the hit with their friends! You could make s’mores….use your microwave!!! Enjoy all of those memories!!!

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